Centrix Game Play

There are so many ways to have fun playing Centrix


The any spin, any color wildcards and no spin, any color cards  are powerful; be sure to use them strategically.   There are only three of each in the deck.

Fast Game

Each player is dealt three cards. On your turn try to play out your had of three completely, if you can. Then draw back up to three to complete your turn. But for a fast-paced game, play only one card per turn, drawing back up to 3 cards in hand and watch the game move through quickly.

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When you’re able to jump over pawns, either your own or another player’s, you’re achieving two moves in one, so look for these chances on the game board at your turn.

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Yes, you can bump another player, by moving onto a square that they are on, using the matching color card, which moves them down two levels. If the space that they’re bumped down to is occupied, that bumps that pawn down two levels as well and so on, even if it’s your own pawn and even if down and off the board. Use this move carefully.


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“It definitely has a Classic game feel to it and that’s what drew me to it. I also like that they took into account colour-blindness and they have the double-sided board. That was a nice touch; we really enjoyed it.”

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